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Bet Buyback

By admin
22 Mar 2023
admin 22 Mar 2023
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Bet Buyback

BuyBet Mostbet

Worrying about your wager’s outcome?

Rest assured that Bet Buyback has you covered!

  • Uncertain of the most recent accumulator event or the overall result?
  • You need money, and it will take too long for the event to be computed, right?
  • Your betting coefficient has significantly changed?
  • Use the bet on mostbet.com to get your money right now!

This is how it functions: 

  1. Choose “My Bets” or “Bets History.”
  2. Wager buyback
  3. Take money in

All “single” and “accumulator” bets placed in Live  and Prematch modes and tagged with the unique symbol “bet buyback” are eligible for the promotion.

In “bets history” or “my bets,” you can find the amount of the buyback next to the necessary wager.

The bet will be computed right away and the specified amount of money will be credited to your account balance once the “bet buyback request has been approved.

Please, read the detailed terms and conditions of our services


      The promotion will generally begin on March 1, 2020.

  1. Members of the promotion

      Participants in this campaign must have an account on the mostbet.com.

  • A participant in a betting game can modify the terms of a previously placed bet using a particular coefficient and choosing the time for calculating the event through a feature called “bet buyback,” which is provided by the promoter of the betting game. The goal of the “bet buyback” is to fix the outcome of the wager or step until the conclusion of the event under the terms suggested by the betting game organizer.
  • The option to “buy back the bet” is available for single wagers placed on the line on the website both before and during the course of these events (live-bets). The event’s organizer maintains the right to decline offers to “buy back bets” on certain games and/or results. An offer to “buy back a bet” is a privilege, not a requirement, of the person running the betting game.
  • After a player in a betting game places a wager and while the “buy-back” offer is still in effect for that wager, you have the option to “buy back” that wager. An offer to “buy back a bet” might not be offered in some circumstances due to technological issues (impossibility to broadcast a match, technical errors in displaying an account, etc.). The offer to “buy back the bet” may be renewed after any technical issues have been resolved. The inaccessibility of the “bet buyback” capability is not the organizer of the betting game’s fault.
  • The bet voucher includes a line item for the buyback price. The “bet buyback” price is computed independently for each possible outcome of the event and is subject to change at the organizer’s discretion.
  • In the following circumstances, the organizer reserves the right to reject a player’s attempt to “buy back the bet.”
  • An error in the buyback price was made;
  • The “bet buyback” was executed after the player in the betting game learned what had transpired in the event on which the bet had been placed.
  • If the “bet buyback” action is canceled, the computation will be based on the result of the sporting event that the player in the betting game placed a wager on.
  • The betting game’s organizer maintains the right to modify the terms or decline to provide capability for “bet buyback” without providing a reason.
  • Vouchers are given a special status during the “bet buyback” and are not included in marketing campaigns or promotions. They are also not counted as a step (bet) in the associated interactive bet.
  • An illustration of the “bet buyback” feature
  • A player in a betting game wagers 1152 BDT on the result of a sporting event with a coefficient of 2.
  • The situation improved for the bettor during a sporting event, and the coefficient decreased from 2 to 1.4. A bettor can either “buy back the wager” at the present time and be guaranteed to get a portion of the potential profits (1383 BDT) or wait until the conclusion of a sporting event and expect to receive the whole amount of potential wins (2305 BDT).
  • This capability can also be used in reverse.
  • A player in a betting game wagers 1152 BDT on the result of a sporting event with a coefficient of 2.
  • The circumstances turned against the bettor during a sporting event, and the coefficient went from 2 to 3. In this scenario, the bettor may be offered a “bet buyback,” during which the bettor will keep a portion of his wager.
  • * The amounts are chosen as an example only, and they may vary from those suggested on the page in the same context as a sporting event. A particular coefficient is used to determine the amount of a “bet repurchase,” and its value is directly influenced by the specifics of the athletic event at a given time.
  • The feature of the bet buyback can be used on an infinite number of wagers by the participant.
  • The Promoter will have the ultimate say in any disputes involving the ability to take part in the promotion, winning prizes, or these terms and conditions. This decision shall be final and neither the Participant nor any other party may dispute it.
  • After being posted on the website www.mostbet.com, the action’s organizer’s decisions are regarded binding and applicable to all participants in regard to all matters relating to the Promotion.
  • The Promoter reserves the right to revoke the Participant’s claim to the Prize in the event that it becomes out that they were a victim of fraud or money laundering. Each infraction results in the cancellation of participation and the adoption of additional measures intended to deter similar behavior.
  • The terms and conditions of this promotion may be changed or added to at any moment, including while it is still running.

  • Worrying about your wager's outcome?
  • Rest assured that Bet Buyback has you covered!
  • This is how it functions: 
  • Please, read the detailed terms and conditions of our services
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